Questions for New Staffers

This is the first step of the new staffer process where we try to get to know potential new staffers by asking lots of questions, which we will pass around to the staff collective.
  1. Can you tell us a little about yourself? What gets you excited?
  2. Can you tell us what stuff you've been involved in, especially if you've worked on projects in the radical community?
  3. What draws you to help at SubRosa? What is your understanding of the space?
  4. Tell us about your understanding of the importance of having an anarchist and radical space.
  5. Can you tell us more about your understanding of anarchism?
  6. How available are you? How long will you be in town? What are your days/hours that you are available?
  7. Tell us about positions of responsibility you've held. We all run this space, so we expect every staffer to make their shifts, come to staff meetings, and find their own subs. Are you down with that?

Next, we'd probably invite a potential new staffer to a meeting to get to know folks and to ask and answer any questions. If all goes well, they'd be a Staffer In Training and we'd have the potential new staffer work with someone on shift for maybe a month to get training. We'd show them how to open the shop, how to close, how to do all the things that sustain the infoshop during their shift. Then if it felt good for both of us, they'd become a full staffer and join a more experienced person on their shift. We try to always double up shifts so people have company and support, as well as learn from each other.

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