Cheatsheet for Promoting Events at SubRosa

This is both a cheatsheet for staff and a transparent look into how event bottomliners promote our events.

Music and non-music events

  • Add to SubRosa events google calendar (it will show up automatically on the website)
  • Send email to SubRosa announcement list, (you'll need admin privledges for that)
  • Send email to other appropriate email lists (Free Skool, the Hub, UCSC lists, whatever)
  • Go to blogger, publish the draft that gets created when you send to the SubRosa list.  First strip footer and extra stuff from title.  Give it the appropriate tags/labels.
  • Post facebook event from SubRosa FB page
  • Post on the wall of the SubRosa FB page
  • If you have a few weeks notice, submit to the two free weekly calendars

Art Shows

  • Point artist to Artists Guidelines and Tips of a Successful Art Opening - a month before show
  • Get artist's material (bio, show description, & image) early - three weeks before
  • Write press release using artist's material & PR template, submit to weeklies and paper with image - two weeks before (Santa Cruz Sentinel)
  •  Submit to weekly calendars online (with image if possible) - two weeks before (Good Times, Santa Cruz Weekly)
  • Make flier or get one from artists.  Flier around town, or give fliers to people who do - one week before
  • Do all the things above that we do for regular events, SubRosa email list, blogger, and Facebook - one week before

Happy Neighbors

We like to keep our neighbors happy and let them know that we respect them and want to work with them.  So every now and then, especially before a loud show, it is good to bring them a little flier to hang up on their fridge.
Hi!  I'm Jo.  I bottomline shows and events at SubRosa.

We have all sorts of events, live music, movies, speakers, that we'd like to invite you to.  Check our events calendar on our website:

We try to end all of are shows before 10pm.  But if one of our events is too loud or if there is another problem, please call me or the other event coordinator. Here's my phone number... and here's the other event bottomline's number.

I'd appreciate it if you called me rather than the police, so if there is a problem we can work it out together before it is a problem.

Thanks.  We're glad to have you as a neighbor.

Are we forgetting anything?

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  1. Big thanks to t heir manager and staff! We were continually delighted by the cordiality and responsiveness of the staff, from the earliest planning stages through the actual day.
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