Important things to know about having an event at SubRosa

Important things to know about having an event at SubRosa

SubRosa is an anarchist community space - a place for folk from various communities to come together, to share creativity and expression and experiences and put into practice new possibilities! We love hosting special events like music and speakers, but not every event is going to work in our space or with our goals. So here are some of our expectations and things you should know about our space:

-Our space is really, really intimate. It holds maybe 40 seats (of course more without seats!). So this isn’t the best choice for an event that you want hundreds of people to come to. And being a smaller space has it’s advantages too!

-SubRosa is an anarchist, anti-authoritarian space, and we want to host events that are not in conflict with these principles and practices. We will not host events that we think seem racist, sexist, queer&homophobic, ableist, disrespectful to the earth and to living creatures, pro-capitalist or upholding hierarchy or the “power over” mentality that dominates mainstream society.

-We do have a PA system (with mics and stands etc) and beyond that you are responsible for bringing whatever equipment you need to make your event successful. 

-Amplified shows must be over by 10pm (really!). Again, our space is cozy, so the sound doesn’t really need to be turned up super high. There’s more flexibility with timing of acoustic shows and generally not much past 10pm. NOTE:  And for shows/events in the courtyard the sound volume needs to be at a level that is respectful of the neighborhood (so that usually means being quieter than inside) - this is crucially important as complaints from neighbors and/or visits from cops could impact future events and other projects we at SubRosa share the space with - courtyard events need to be done by 9:45pm.

-SubRosa is an all-ages space. All events notaflof (no one turned away for lack of funds) and okay to have suggested door amount. 

-SubRosa is also a “dry” space and we discourage drinking in the space and courtyard.

-For most events, we take a 30% cut of the door. This money enables us to stay open and have more events. We do not take money from benefits, and we are open to negotiation if there isn’t very much money to split.

-If you are a band from out of town, we would really appreciate it if you contact local bands to try to put together your own line up. We can give you some leads but we likely don’t have capacity to put together a whole show. 

-Please plan your event ahead of time. If you email us a week before the event, it is unlikely we will be able to accommodate you. Give us enough time to plan and publicize and the event will be more successful. Also, on the day of your event, please arrive early to help set up and to communicate with the event bottomliner.

-You are responsible for having merchandise person, and fliers (social media posts). However, we can help you with these things, just be in contact with us and have good communication. We will try to always promote the event on our instagram, website, facebook and email. Let us know well ahead of time if you do not want us to do that.

-We desire for SubRosa to be a “safer space” for folk and that involves active engagement with people that are crossing boundaries and/or somehow causing harm - we are reworking our process regarding unwelcoming people and how they can be rewelcomed- if you have input on this please let us know. Thanks! We’re doing this together!

***note re: pandemic protocols- as a community space we encourage individual and community care both being important and inter-related. So, balancing accessibility and folks desire to come together while acknowledging ebb and flow of Covid is tricky. Event hosts have been determining Covid protocols in a case by case (event by event) way. Sometimes masks at all times. Sometimes masks just inside. Just courtyard open OR inside and courtyard open. And protocols being adjusted depending on how much virus is spreading at a particular time. 

If you made it through this whole list and still want to book an event, please send us an email at: or send us a DM - we probably will be excited to hear from you! 

Requests are forwarded to the SubRosa collective and if no one gets back to you in 10 days, then it likely means that no one was available to bottomline a show. We are entirely volunteer-run and often receive many times the amount of requests than what we have actual capacity to host.

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