WANTED: Commununity space needs scavenged stuff

In 2008, SubRosa transformed a worn-down store front and a bleak parking lot into a vibrant community space and courtyard garden using virtually all scavenged, recycled, or donated stuff. For instance, our courtyard decking is made from reclaimed redwood. Our windows and doors came from an architectural salvage place.
All of our courtyard plants came from donations from community gardens. Even this counter that I am typing this on came from a tumble down 100 year old redwood

Because we know you are such an expert scavenger, we wanted to pass you SubRosa's Scavenge List, the things the space is needing right now. Please keep your eyes open for this stuff. Or use your clever connections to slyly work the bro-conomy.  These are things that SubRosa is trying to track down. You can drop off donations at SubRosa, 703 Pacific Avenue, Santa Cruz. We are open most days (though since we are an all-volunteer space, our hours can and do vary).

SubRosa Scavenge List
  •  reclaimed redwood 2x6 for decks
  •  metal folding chairs (we need these desperately, our constantly get stolen)
  •  spoons
  •  coffee mugs
  •  hand tools for our toolkit
  •  solid outdoor tables (not plastic)
  •  pens
  •  aux cable for our stereo (stereo RCA to miniplug for audio geeks)
  •  toilet paper, sugar, and soy milk are always needed (though preferably not reused)
Thanks for thinking of us as you do your rounds.

SubRosa Collective

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