What is the Meristem Health Distro?

The Meristem Health Distro distributes radical and do-it-yourself health zines and information. We want to empower ourselves and each other to take our well-being and healing into our own hands and find ways to minimize our reliance on the western medical establishment. Topics include herbalism, medicine making, reproductive health, women's health, mental health, emotional support, sexual health, and more!

 Below is an incomplete  list of zines we have at SubRosa.  

General Health Care
-An Activist’s Guide to Basic First Aid by the Black Cross Health Collective
-Men’s Sexual  and Reproductive Health
-N’ Drea- One woman’s fight to die her own way
-Therapeutic Insurrection- Radical healthcare theory
-When Women Attack!-  A Zine created by an anarchist feminist centered on current women’s issues
-The Yeast of Your Worries!- A yeast infection survival handbook

Herbalism/ Food
-Eating Acorns- A guide to processing acorns for use as food
-Edible, Medicinal, & Utilitarian Plants- Volume 1: “Weeds” & Common Plants
-Fireweed- A zine of grassroots radical herbalism and wild foods connecting with kids and family life
-An Herbal Medicine-Making Primer
-Primitive Toothcare- A DIY guide to uncivilized oral hygiene
-The Transgender Herb Garden- An MtF guide to disconnecting one’s self from big pharma
-We Can Do It!- “Canning” capitalist agribusiness: a simple how-to guide to canning your produce
-Wild Fermentation- A do-it-yourself guide to cultural manipulation

Mental Health
-Harm Reduction Guide to Coming Off Psychiatric Drugs, published by the Icarus Project and Freedom Center
-Healing in the Woods Around Us- Medicinal plans for mental health support
-The Mental Health Cookbook- Creating connection through food and herbs
-Navigating the Space Between Brilliance and Madness- A reader and roadmap of bipolar  worlds assembled by the Icarus Project
-The Worst- A complication zine on grief and loss

 Relationships/ Relating
-Learning Good Consent
-With Open Hands- A handbook on open relationships

Reproductive Health
-Chart Your Cycle!- A 10 year menstrual chart to help you go with the flow, plus a decades worth of interviews, articles, facts and resources
-Free to Choose- A Women’s guide to reproductive freedom
-Fertility Awareness for Non-Invasive Birth Control
-Jane- Documents from Chicago’s clandestine abortion service 1968-1973
-Mine- An anthology of reproductive rights, numbers 1 & 2
-This Is Me Using My Choice- An anthology of women’s abortion stories 
-Witches Midwives and Nurses- A history of women healers

Sexual Health
-HPV- A wonderful and comprehensive zine about hpv by the Down There Collective
-Hot Pants- Do it yourself gynecology, herbal remedies
-Smart Tart- A sex positive zine on sexual health for women, queer, and trans people

more info at:  http://meristemdistro.blogspot.com/

Email us at meristemdistro@riseup.net

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